There use to be a term for this, where you give yourself just five minutes to write on one topic. What was that called? Anyway, i did it. 

I quickly snatch green beans off of the vine just as a chicken begins to announce the arrival of her egg. "Thank you, Mrs. Vader! Thanks for the egg!" I holler back. I know which one it is by the sound of her birthing crows. I need to hurry because I found too many things to pick in the garden and I know my potatoes are starting to burn.

I run back up to the house with my apron pockets full of fresh veggies and I feel blessed. The budget is tight and this garden just keeps giving. 

I realize that at this very moment my friends are also preparing food. I get a photo text of a yet-to-be-baked apple pie and an update on some meatballs and rolls. We don't know who else might come or what they might bring, but there will be coffee and laughter and open Bibles, and anyone is welcome.

The church (little "c" as in my local church not the greater Church) calls it Community Group. I call them my ride-or-die. I don't exactly fit in with the church, although I know that I thrive wonderfully within the Church- a representation of people groups from all over the world- a diverse mashup of culture and language. 

Do you know that there are gonna be people in heaven who spent their lifetime naked in a jungle?! Oh my gosh, I just had that thought! Will they be naked in heaven? Will we care?! 


My ride-or-die. The ones I can cry in front of and say ugly things and know I won't be judged. The ones that check up on me in the middle of the week to remind me to breathe. They accept me just as I am and I love them just the way they are. 

I am so rough around the edges that most days I cannot even believe that Jesus loves me, and this group of people is a tangible expression of that. It's a small group, like literally small. 

I did not pick them, my community. I don't even know if they would say that they picked me! (Probably not!) You just do life and look up and find out who is next to you while you are doing that. Those are your people. Don't be too picky about it either. The most unlikely of people make great... people.