what to do with a grumpy boy man

I don’t know what in the heck was wrong with him, but my boy spend most of the morning in tears. Big fat crocodile tears streamed down his face and his mouth was wide open in screams all.morning.long.

I wanted to put him in a box and mail him to his Grammy but I settled for feeding him lunch and putting him down for a nap.

Then I put myself down for a nap, because let’s face it, dealing with a screaming kid all morning is traumatizing and I had a migraine.

The big girls don’t nap anymore. (Except on Sunday, and then we all pretend like we’re all going to take a nap and no one does. It’s a Sunday ritual.) But today three of us napped.

When Ezra, Evie and I came downstairs from our naps we were greeted with a loud “SURPRISE, EZRA!”

The girls had thrown a “Sserprise Ezra, We Love You, Party.”

They must have spend the entire nap time working on it.

Making lists and checking them twice...once.

My sweet girls strung up a banner. This explains why I kept hearing the tape gun during my nap.

They made a special party table with decorations and special party fruit.

Arwen wants to be a Party Planner when she grows up, did you know? They even orchestrated a special humming of “Deck the Halls” while the Party Planner Extraordinaire danced a special party dance.

I heard talk of a homemade spider and some phonics flash cards.

He looks pretty happy to me.

We love you, Ezra!