where we are

::Crickets chirping::

I promise we’re still here and living it up like crazy every day.

In case you didn’t know, this is the time of year that we hang on to our hats and just try to make it through until January.

Lots of small children means lots of snot, which means lots of being house ridden, SINCE WE DON’T GO OUT AND GIVE THE REST OF THE UNSUSPECTING PUBLIC OUR GERMS.

Christmas time means (hopefully) lots of soap orders, lots of ribbon being flung about, lots of packages stacked at the door for the mail man, lots of loading up our van as if it were Santa’s sleigh and toting our stuff all over the place. We’ve got 4 salt parties under our belts and 3 more to go, plus 4 other events for the Holidays. And then we will all take a short breath and start to prepare for this summer’s farmers markets.

After we take our annual hiatus to the promise land  Georgia.

So, I leave you with one huge favor. Lora Lynn over at Vitafam has put together a really great list of (mostly) handmade stuff that is all being sold to benefit orphans. If you are looking for great handmade stuff made with lots of love by families, that are unique and you’d like to find something for everyone on your list, check this out:

Please please please click that little box. It’s a great way to give, it’s a great way to support families and handmade, and you can tell big box cheap-o stores to stick it…all at the same time. We’re all about multi-tasking here, people.

OH, and one more thing. I know it’s the holidays, but please have some respect for the strangers around you. Don’t ride eachothers tales. If someone accidentally pulls out in front of you in traffic, don’t take it as a personal offense and ride their bumper to make sure they know you are upset with them. Back off, slow down, smile at one another, stop trying to be the line leader all the time, don’t yell at your kids in the stores even though one of them pooped in their pants or stuck gum in their sister’s hair and you have already invested 20 minutes in line to checkout.

And if you are having trouble coping with the stress, get a bath bomb. I promise, those things will help you get through anything.