time with my big girl

Tonight Arwen and I sat in my room and rocked and talked while Brent put the other two to bed. She requested her two favorite songs (“Quiet Night” as she calls it- She means “Silent Night”, and “He’s the lion of the tribe of Judah”- which is actually called “Awake, O Israel”), she told me a story about monsters and little boys who crashed a wedding party and got killed by robots (?!?), and we discussed her plans for children.

She has declared that she is going to name her first three babies Alexa, Dyma, and Diamond. I asked her what she would name a boy, and she informed me that she plans on having lots of girls and just one boy, whom she will name Wylde. (I did her a favor and gave it a funky spelling.) 

She also said that girls in general are smarter than men, and are usually older because they have to carry the babies in their tummies. (I’m about 5 months older than Brent, so this is a big deal to her.)

I enjoyed listening to her ideas, stroking her silky soft hair, and rocking her again. <3