Well. What is there to say? We tried e v e r y t h i n g to get this baby to come, for four days. Walking, walking, walking…and I mean a midwife’s definition of walking, not a nice stroll down the street. By “walking” I mean sweating and huffing in a half way trot. My legs and feet are so sore that I just can’t walk anymore. I went through an entire bottle of herbs too.

Things started off great on Tuesday, and I was all the way to 6 cm and fully effaced by Wednesday afternoon. It was encouraging news, even though things were taking longer than they usually do. (Did I mention I’ve done this before?)

Thursday (yesterday) was hard… contractions would come as long as I was working hard on them, but wouldn’t continue on their own. Midwife checked and felt the suture lines on the baby’s head (Where the bones meet together- like the soft spot and stuff) and said that baby’s head was slightly tilted in such a way as it wasn’t putting enough pressure on the cervix to continue any further.

I went in for a second round of acupuncture and an adjustment today at the chiropractor’s. I felt a lot better afterwards!

Midwife left this afternoon. She felt like maybe her presence was putting too much pressure on me. I have to admit, that having her here for four days was so wonderful! I needed some mothering so badly! These last few weeks have been stressful, heartbreaking, frustrating, and exhausting for a variety of reasons I won’t go into here.  My decision to try to get baby to come was NOT based on an “I’m-tired-of-being-pregnant” sort of feeling. I wasn’t eating, sleeping, or emotionally content enough to nourish a baby growing inside of me. I really felt like if I could just have this baby it would be a really nice bright spot and fix everything that was going on around me. I guess the Lord knew better what I needed and sent an angel in the form of our midwife! She showed up and cooked yummy food and played with the kids and watched them so that I could do what I needed to do (walk the mall, go to the chiropractor, walk the neighborhood, etc…)… and did I mention she cooked!?! She did all of our laundry and cleaned the house and swept the floors. She cleaned out the birth pool and pumped it all up nice and fat and put a tarp over the top of it, declaring that the kids were no longer allowed to play on it. =D  We shared stories, and old memories, and laughed. It was nice, despite all the hard work in between. =)

So, I got a break! I really really needed that. And now we have done (almost) everything that we can to get baby to come. So now we just wait. Midwife says that baby is doing just fine and is in no danger of staying in a little longer, but on Monday she wants me to do Castor Oil. I’m not looking forward to that! LOL. Neither of us feels comfortable with doing anything like breaking the water or anything like that at this point.

So, prayers that baby would look up just a little with that little head and that active labor would initiate and continue on it’s own are definitely needed.