making room for the maiden

Yesterday, Brent’s dad and contractor friend showed up to begin renovating the garage into a work room for me. I can’t even express to you how grateful I am! Cheeky Maiden has really taken over the house! I get behind because of  not being able to store all my supplies in the same location. I may have to go to three different rooms to get all the necessary stuff to make one item or one batch of soap. I’m always having to tote the 35 pound buckets of oils from the dining room to the kitchen and back, etc. Then once the soap is made it hogs up 95% of the counter space until I get a chance to unmold and slice it, at which point I have to trot up the stairs with all of it stacked precariously in order to store it until it is ready to be packaged. Then I have to bring it back downstairs to ship it out. Things are done all over the place, in other words. This new beautiful room will give me one room to do it all. And it will give my family back the living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, and also an entire bedroom upstairs. Whew!!! 

The guys started by installing two windows along the back wall.

new windows outside.jpg

Monday we should be picking up a storage shed for all the garage stuff that won't be sold in our upcoming yard sale. Nevertheless, I've got two big windows for lots of sunlight!

And finally, they inserted a faux wall in front of the garage door, which is now deactivated. We don’t have the funds for converting this into an actual outside wall yet, and also wanted to leave open the possibility of reverting back to a garage for any future owners. Who knows, if we stay here long enough, we may go ahead and finish this part off, but for now we’ve got an insulated wall there.

So, the garage door is on the other side of this.

So, the garage door is on the other side of this.

Beautification measures are to be taken on Monday, and hopefully once that is finished I can start moving in! 

The bad news is that I won’t have a super stellar utility sink like I wanted/needed. All I need the sink for is washing out my big pots, which don’t really fit in our kitchen sink. There is some problem with working out the drainage for this, since more water going into our yard is just not a good idea… although I’ll be washing the pots out with a hose out there anyway probably. 


Thanks a million zillion to my wonderful husband who loves me, my FIL who at least adores his grand kids enough to help out their parents (Oh, I kid!), and to Mr. Malone who drove all the way from Georgia to provide us with his wisdom and building advice.