happy (5th) birthday, Arwen!

She had about five million requests for the day, and this Mamma did the best I could to keep up with all of them. =)

Our first big stop of the afternoon was the McWane Science Museum in B’ham. Daddy bought her (and all of us) a membership so we can go back whenever we like.

By far, the kid's favorite "exhibit". If I could have a wall of this stuff in my house, I'd never hear a peep!

My personal favorite was this Mind Game set up. Two players sit at each end of a table and put these head straps on that measure brain activity. A long tube stretches down the middle of the table and a ball moves back and forth in relation to your brain waves. The goal is to relax your mind so that the ball moves into your “end zone” and you win. 

While Arwen was straining to get her mind to rest, Charis was still figuring out how to get the strap on her head. Eventually, I had to just hold it on, and bless her heart, there was very little brain activity going on, so Charis won!

Brent and I took a turn next and it was pretty much a repeat (I was like Arwen and he was like Charis…literally trying to figure out how to get the thing on right.) Once we both had our straps on our head, he won, because the kids were at my end of the table beating on the tube. Not to mention the factors I’ve already discussed that enable a man to turn his brain off use his brain more effectively at times.

We got a quick bite or two in at the Chic and headed home for cupcakes (strawberry, made from scratch) and ice cream and her present.

We got her a bunch of books to learn to draw and colored pencils and stuff. She's a self-proclaimed artist, you know.

All the kids sound like they have recovered from their sugar highs and are slowly drifting to sleep. I think I’ll go pass out, myself.

Happy Birthday, sweet Arwen. We love you and are so glad God gave you to us!