and still we celebrate

Today is Evelyn Rose’s first birthday!!!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since the epic event of her birth. Life was so fractured and hopeless at this time last year.

Did I get my wish for life to get easier? In some ways, yes, in others, no. But, the trials that we faced at that point in time prepared us for future trials. Because God is good like that. Always shaping us, always molding us, always working it out to our good.

Evie is pretty doggon sick right now, and so am I. We’re pretty miserable, in fact. I have major mommy guilt that she is spending her first birthday sick as a dog.

But we’re so glad she’s here! We’re so thankful to the Lord for His continued faithfulness. We don’t care if we’re sick. We’re thankful. Thankful to still be married. Grateful for the Lord’s never ending love and mercies and faithfulness. His compassions never fail. And we can look back at that difficult time and say, “Look what God did!” LOOK WHAT HE DID!

We are gonna celebrate around our face masks. We are going to love on our baby girl and thank the Lord for her.

Evelyn Rose, we are so glad to have you in our lives. You are such a gift and a treasure!