and now I will make everyone feel very good about their housekeeping skillz

It all happens in the home. In our 1200 sq foot home. School. Work. Birth. And everything else.

If you have never been in the middle of eating breakfast with your kids and suddenly jumped up at the realization that a customer was due any minute and you are still in your pjs with mascara under your eyes and the pony tail that you slept in, you have no idea what I’m talking about.

If you have never raised both a business and a gaggle of small children under the same roof, you have no idea what I am talking about.

It’s not even just that we have a home business. We have a home business that involves manufacturing, marketing, and selling product. Everything isn’t nice and tidy in computer files or even file cabinets. Cheeky Maiden spills out of the soap room. My little artist l o v e s to sneak out there and snatch wraphia and tape. Which is why I had to ask her for some of her own personal stash of scotch tape to adhere a shipping label to a box this morning.

It’s chaos and insanity. THAT is what I’m talking about. The likes of which would make Martha Stewart tremble.

I’m not complaining, but this part of lives is so incremental to who we are, to who our children are being shaped to be, that is must be documented.

Large whole sale orders are being placed as our retail folks strain to meet the demands of holiday shoppers, local people stop by almost every day to pick up their orders, and of course the internet customers are going to wait until the very.last.minute and have me chugging around here on Dec 20th packing their orders to get them delivered by Christmas time.

It’s November 30th and I’m realizing that I have done zero preparation for our advent lessons this month.

I have a dresser and an electric sander sitting on my front porch, covered by a holiday vinyl table cloth because I was in the middle of refinishing it when tornado weather blew in. I figured if it was going to sit out here I might as well try to make it blend in with the Christmas decor.  There is a broken discarded dresser sitting in the middle of my living room and the kids are having a fabulous time climbing all over it until I figure out what in the heck to do with it. You know, in my spare time.

Not to mention the gift buying and making that has to be done for our own loved ones.

It’s challenging and C R A Z Y.

So, how do we make it all work? (Sometimes it doesn’t.)

We involve the kids as much as possible. This is why sometimes the soap labels are crooked or upside down or cut lopsided. This is why sometimes the bows are not tied perfectly. This is why it might take me 2 hours to do something that should have taken 30 minutes. But oh my word, the heart strings are being tied and the family bonds are being strengthened, and they are learning about economics and entrepreneurial…stuff.

We have boundaries. We know when to stop working and just accept that something isn’t going to get done. If the kids are needing some Mommy time, there is no hesitation. The door to the soap room is closed and out of site/out of mind. This is why there is a shortage of all of our holiday soap this year. I just didn’t have the time to make it and I really hope that I have enough to last until our last event.

I have to let go of some of my standards. The dishes are going to get piled up this time of year. School is on hiatus until January. We are going to use disposable diapers. A lot. At the same time- soap ideas I have don’t get to happen. I can’t tie a ribbon around every bar of soap that goes out the door anymore. So, we make priorities and we do those first.

And this is why I sat down to have coffee and look at a magazine surrounded by this mess:

For shame!

For shame!