the whole thing was rather anticlimactic

Last Monday I bought BBQ chips…Buffalo Bleu BBQ chips to be exact. Then I ate the entire bag by myself over the course of the week. I crave BBQ anything like a mad woman when I’m pregnant. I didn’t catch the hint at that point though.

I’ve been really tired and super hungry lately. I wake up in the night starving even. 

Then the last three days I felt that familiar little knot in my womb. Just a little bloating and a little tightness. 

As I said before, I also feel like painting pictures of rainbows and hanging them everywhere. O, hormonal bliss! I have been hugging my kids so much that it’s actually starting to get on their nerves.

Yesterday I sat and balked at a show called “I didn’t know I was pregnant” in which four women actually went into labor and thought they had cancer or the flu. One even delivered her baby andstill didn’t know she had been pregnant. What irony. I just knew I was pregnant. I’ve also been DVR-ing every birth show there ever was and sitting and watching with tears in my eyes when the baby is born.

I always “know” at just around 3 weeks. When you consider that my pregnancies usually go at least 41 weeks, this is a long time to wait. Just once I’d like to find out when I’m like 8 weeks along to cut the wait time down. 

Brent brought home some pregnancy tests last night. I’d already peed like a million times in the last few hours (that’s the other sign…lots of peeing). 

So, we did the whole dip stick thing and the doggone thing took forever. Just that one bold line sat staring at me for at least three minutes. Brent was disappointed. I exclaimed that I didn’t need a little stick to tell me I was pregnant and the whole thing was stupid. 

Then we stared at it until we started to believe that we saw a second line. The directions said not to interpret the results until after five minutes. I guess they meant business. At exactly five minutes a small faint line appeared. 

See what I mean about anticlimactic? What do we do now? We just stood there and stared at eachother and I said, “Well, I guess I’m going to bed.” or something along those lines.

I tested again with my first bathroom trip of the day and same results. Hm. I guess a line is a line, be it faint or not.

So I get online to try to figure out how far along I am, because every stranger I meet from here to next October is going to ask me when I’m due. 

October 11th, but you can go ahead and add a couple weeks onto that date, folks. 

Then out of curiousity I clicked the link to learn all about the wonderfulness of week number three in your 40+ week journey. I expected to see some little alien bean in the picture and I was so bummed to find…

… a blastocyst.

That’s right folks. Nothin’ to do now but sit here and split some cells. 

I love my little blastocyst. And as Arwen already informed me, “Mom, it’s not a blastocyst…it’s agirl.” 

Charis had only this to say when I told her I was going to have a baby: “What kind?”