Baby Beat

Next on my list is an update on the new baby. We heard the heart beat with my doppler about a week and a half ago! I was just barely 9 weeks at the time, so it required my filling my bladder painfully full and laying on the hard floor while trying not to pee on myself. But I located the baby and since have felt movement at least once a day in that same area. The child keeps kicking me in my hip bone. It seems a little early to me to be feeling movement, but I double checked my dates and keep getting the same week estimate. If I heard correctly, the placenta seems to already have attached itself rather high up on the left side. I like this because my babies usually cuddle the placenta and I prefer for them to lay along my left side. So far, they have all dutifully obeyed. (Although Charis took until 38 weeks to comply. She’s always done things in her own timing, that one.) Did I mention I’ve already gained 20 pounds? Ummm. Yeah. That’s a problem. Pretty much all the weight I lost in preparation for getting pregnant again piled right back on the minute I saw two pink lines. Generally, I do spend the first six months of my pregnancies getting fat, and then the next 4 months I don’t gain so much. However, 20 pounds in only 11 weeks is not acceptable, even by my 50-pound-weight-gain-per-baby standard. So, yesterday I did Pilates and made myself so sore I can barely move. And I’m not eating sugar anymore. Now I have rightfully punished myself, don’t you think?

Backyard Extravaganza Update:

I started my tomato seedlings about a week or so ago, and am finally getting some teeny tiny sprouts! I’m thinking the seeds got moved too close to the surface of the dirt. These little sprouts are so tiny and frail looking! They are enjoying some nice warm sunshine outside, so hopefully that’ll beef them up? I know I’m probably not sprouting them right, but I had all these containers and really really wanted to repurpose them for something

The Schedule:

I may or may not have mentioned my reading Manager’s of Their Homes, by Teri Maxwell. I finished it several weeks ago, and in much trepidation have been considering following her schedule template. I finally took the plunge two days ago and mapped out an ordinary day for all the kids and myself. I’ll admit, I didn’t have enough room to fit everything that I want to do in a day and had to think hard to move things around. But I did it. Yesterday was the first day implementing it, and I’m proud to say we followed said schedule all the way to 9:00 a.m.! And I’m thrilled. Baby steps, right? Then I was struck with insomnia last night and the entire schedule is out the window today. It’s videos and lots of books on the couch, peppered with imaginative play and coloring. And I’m okay with that. 

The master schedule is hanging on the laundry room doors now.

Blog Business

Now, I’ve already said that I hate the name BurgessFam, especially since I’m the only one that blogs on here. I wanted to call it “me and my big ideas” but evidently a scrapbooking company has snagged that one already. 

I’d like to think I could call my blog something really matriarchal, taken from Proverbs 31. But I don’t fit the bill. Maybe in my 50s I can pull that one off.   

So I thought of “Mamma in the Raw.” Since most of my writing is just my honest thoughts on my adventures and struggles through this wonderful joyful journey of motherhood. But I don’t want it to convey the wrong image.

I also liked “Earthen Vessel” because it expresses the idea that there is a work in progress going on here, very raw, not yet finished. However, that is taken by a pottery company. Good idea. So, I’ll have to think of something similar.

Mostly, I just want this to be a place for me to easily and quickly record family memories, as well as be a testimony to (hopefully) the way that God is shaping me to be what He wants me to be.