how do you do it?

…when you feel like you can’t?

I was sitting on the couch, feeling strangely ill, with swollen feet. Brent left for work and the kids immediately woke up from their nap  exploded out of their room. They had just slept for two hours. I tossed and got jostled by an un-named big guy and poked by a four year old. I was tired and physically incapable, I felt, of taking care of the ants streaming down the wall, the hungry children, my thirsty self, and any of the other random events that I knew were about to happen. 

So, how do you do it, when you feel like you can’t??? When you feel like all you can do is sit there and let life happen to you…?

You have yourself a good cry. You feel sorry for yourself, but just for a minute. You get angry. And then you decide that this day is not going to lick you. You accept your handicap, whatever it may be at the moment (headache, swollen ankles, exhaustion, etc.) and you determine to do all that you can, and do it to the glory of God. That works a whole lot better than sitting on the couch feeling sorry for yourself! <3