life goes on

I suppose an update of sorts is in order. Y’all know there is always something to report on. It’s just a matter of having the time to do it.


In short: Arwen turned eight, someone got sick with the lovely virus we brought back from vacation, someone else got it, someone else got it, and then someone else got it. Also: we are ready for fall.

And, look! Eggs!


Even a double yolked one. Maybe it’s a sign. Does a double yolked egg mean that you are destined to one year free of sickness since at least one person in the family has been super sick for four weeks straight?

I hope so.

While the rest of y’all are going back to school, we are getting lots of (forced) down time and scouring the Internet for houses in Atlanta that will accommodate a family of 7, a soap business, and 6 chickens.

Brent flies out for the interview to take place on Tuesday. We should know relatively quickly. If he gets the job, he will start October 1. That gives us about four weeks to find a house, close on it, and move in. We have a lucrative offer on our house, pending inspection and contract approval. (Now y’all can stop asking me if, when, why, where, or how. That’s all I know.) 

You can ask me if I’d like some chocolate or how my sanity is holding up or if we will need help packing when it comes time. Grashus.