Girls just wanna have fun

This post may or may not be an indication of my inclination as to the gender of our baby. Feel free to take the poll.;)

I love being a girl. Last night as we were drifting off to sleep {okay, BRENT was drifting off to sleep… I was grunting and thrashing around trying to get comfortable}, I asked Brent if he was glad he wasn’t a chic. I had previously been trying to explain the difficulty of getting comfortable with a ginormous baby in your abdomen, as well as the complete inability to control my emotions that seems to accompany these last few days of pregnancy. I realized that guys just never really have to endure anything like that. Yeah, they get old and fat, but really… I gain and lose 50 pounds every 18 months- two years, and my body has to try to cope with that somehow…not to mention the insane fluctuation of hormones. Still, for some reason, I’m really glad to be a woman.

Here’s an example… Sometime during the Dog Soap Fiasco of 2009, a package arrived with Brent’s name on it. The box was so pretty that I immediately dove right in.

To my delight, once I opened the box, my intuitions were confirmed:Magical treasures were contained inside these custom made boxes!

Our friend, Beth, does custom screen printing, jewelry design, paper crafts, murals, and just about anything else beautiful you can think of. She sent this matching set of earrings, bracelets, and necklace… and a cute little baby shirt too! (This shirt matches the shirt I had her do for Brent for Father’s Day that had all of our kids likenesses in monster form professionally screen printed… I’ll have to share a picture of that soon…)

Her stuff isn’t just for ladies, but she sure makes everything pretty! Her new site is up too,

Second case in point:

Mamma Pads. Brent has stated in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t want to talk about it. He practically turns white and passes out at the mention of blood… one of the main reasons he’s probably glad he’s NOT a woman. {To his credit, this handicap did not prevent him from catching Ezra when he was born and delivering the placenta as well…}On my old blog, I did a complete tutorial on how I made my own cloth pads, but I think I forgot to copy it over here to the new space and it’s gone now. Sorry. It took about two days, since I am by no means a seamstress. There are a plethora of tutorials online though, so feel free to google your heart out, ladies. I’m proud to tell you that I made my pads using only items that I had around the house. My budget was $0. I used an old corduroy skirt for the backing, a crib liner for the water proof part, an old beach towel for the inside absorbent part, and various fabric scraps for the top pretty part. I even sort of quilted it with curly heart designs and stuff. I used velcro on the wings that I had leftover from a previous project…and voila! Pads. And they worked. I only had one that ended up being a complete failure, and did I mention I do not know how to sew? I was amazed at how comfortable they were, how absorbent they were, and did I mention they were comfortable?!? And absorbent?!? And reusable?!? And easy to take care of! I just rinsed them whenever I was done with them, and washed them with our cloth diapers every other day. I think I made a total of 5 and that was plenty. Did I mention they are super absorbent and comfortable?!? So anyway. I only got to use them for like 3 cycles of course, because I got pregnant again. But I have not forgotten those pads, nor the discomfort  and grossness of disposable pads, especially after you have a bebe. I’m pretty sure no dudes have even read this far, so I’m just going to come out and say it: After you have a baby your bottom hurts… BAD. And things like stitches complicate this, because those chemicals that are used to bleach the disposable pad, and …gasp… fragrance them…. are not just BAD FOR YOU, but they really irritate any damage done to your bottom parts during birth. And by “irritate” I mean “cause unbearable discomfort and slight neurological trauma.” With this in mind, I began a quest for some Mamma Pads, especially for post partum bleeding. This led me to Party In My Pants. I’ll admit, there are TONS of cloth pads to choose from, but I chose these almost completely because of the name of the company. 

I bought the MAMA-RAMA kit, which comes with the Post Partum pads, overnight pads, and two cute little “Milk Duds” which are their breast pads for breastfeeding Mammas. LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it all!! You get to choose your own fabric, they are super soft, super thin, and SUPER CUTE. Sigh. I just love being a girl. <3

Curious? For $2.99 you can get a free liner (The $2.99 covers shipping)

Third: I really love taking baths. Surprised? You shouldn’t be! I am, after all, the Cheeky Maiden. Not that men can’t enjoy a good bath, but most of them seem to prefer a really great shower. Us Ladies, we love to soak it all up.

So, to celebrate our new bebe coming, I wanted to make a flower bath. I’ve heard of mammas soaking in rose petals with their babies and I just have to claim that experience for myself. So, I beefed it up a little with some other flowers and herbs, and ground oats.

Today, the kids and I made flower baths for baby.