fire drill

Yesterday we had a false alarm.

I’m only 39 weeks, and I have never ever had any signs of budging a day before 41 weeks. So I was a little curious when I woke up feeling “birthy”, as I like to call it. Luckily, we were able to meet some friends at the park that morning, and being in a public place kept me from being quite so unmerciful with my children. We made it home in time for lunch and I laid down with Arwen for a nap.

I was still feeling like a caged animal after we all woke up, so being the Super Mom that I am these days, I turned on a Veggie Tales video for my kids and they lounged on my bed while I took a bath. You should know that this is usually how birth starts for me… in the bath tub. Some women experience stalled labor when they get in the water too soon, but I’m the opposite. The water relaxes me so much that it really helps things get going for me.

Contractions started coming about every 5 minutes or so… I try not to time them. I went from curious to nervous. I was at home by myself with all three kids, midwife is at least 3 hours away, Brent’s at work, I haven’t even washed any baby clothes to put on the child when it comes out, and I also haven’t done about half of my birth check list. I wasn’t ready. I started to think about the discomfort and the pain and the long hours of child birth, and I thought, “I really don’t want to do this!”

My nervousness started to give way to a bit of panic.

I’ll spare you the rest of the details but as time wore on, I felt like I needed to call the midwife. She knew better than to get excited and come over. I have a history of stage fright. 

Of course, everything fizzled by 11 pm. This is textbook for me. I refuse to labor at night, and labor usually halts around 10 or 11 and resumes early the next morning.

However, this morning I woke up feeling just like I did  yesterday morning. And then I remembered that this is what happened every. single. day. for. two. weeks… with Charis. And then I birthed a Sumo Baby. Great.

So, I am continuing with normal activity and today I’ll be washing some baby clothes… just in case. 

Remembering that God is in control. Surrendering to His timing, and trusting in Him, that He won’t leave me when it’s time to give birth. He never has before! I’m not looking forward to experiencing this every day for two weeks…again. But if that is the course it takes, I’ll trust that my body is doing what it was created to do.

Meanwhile, I’ll pray for mercy for my family. They’re stuck with me for now, but I’ve promised to be much nicer after the baby is born. =D

I probably won’t blog a play by play of my birth until it’s over with, but rest assured, everyone in my universe is on a “need to know” basis. In other words, for me to know and everyone else to find out!